Monthly Marketing Programs


This program is designed to raise a company’s online presence in a way that places the company and their products in front of the target customer in an ongoing way. This is done primarily through posts to the company website via a blog or latest news area and sharing that information to their relevant social media channels. However, this can also include more traditional online marketing like Google Adwords and email marketing. All content will be written and posted in a way as to be optimized for the website or social platform it is posted on. 83 Productions can design and write content for the clients or take content that the client provides and post it for them. We can also build custom promotional campaigns around this content to increase the impressions if desired.

In an effort to define what is included in this program, we have created a system of credits that relate to each activity.


  • Article – This is a semi-custom article designed, written and posted to the client’s website and applicable social channels. It will be somewhat unique to the client. These articles will typically be 200-400 words in length along with an accompanying picture if one is not provided by the client. (5 Credits Per Article)
  • Standard Post – This would be comprised using a photo or piece of content provided by the client and writing a small paragraph to compliment the content. We would then post that content on their website if applicable and on their relevant social platforms. This can also entail sharing a relevant piece of content from a manufacturer or magazine coupled with a written lead-in for the client. (3 Credits Per Post)
  • Quick Post – A quick post is essentially taking a piece of content provided by the client and writing a sentence or two describing the piece of content and sharing it to the website and social channels. (1.5 Credits Per Post)
  • Creating Facebook Ads or Managing Existing Google Adwords Campaigns – We can take a piece of built out content and create a targeted Facebook advertising campaign to a defined audience with a specific budget. We can also manage Google Adwords campaigns for a defined market, keywords and budget. *Please Note: Advertising costs paid to Google and Facebook is on top of this program cost and are the responsibility of the client.* (2.5 Credits Per Campaign)
  • New Google Adwords Campaign – Fully built out Google Adwords campaign for defined services, markets, keywords and budget. (8 Credits Per Campaign)
  • Email Blast Campaign – Using an email list provided by the client, we will design an email campaign to their specifications and send it out. We can either use their email service or we can utilize the 83 Productions Chimp account for this campaign. If the mailing list is above 2000 names, a small surcharge may apply if the client is using the 83 Productions Mail Chimp account. (5 Credits Per Campaign)


Based on the credit schedule above, a client can buy credits in packages of credits per month based on their marketing needs. Clients that start their service mid-month can purchase a pro-rated amount of credits for the initial month based on their needs. *Please note that no credits will carry over from one month to the next.*


$325per month
  • 10 Monthly Credits
  • Website Maintenance on Wordpress Sites
  • Free hosting on 83 Productions Dedicated Server


$1000per month
  • 40 Monthly Credits
  • Website Maintenance on Wordpress Sites
  • Free Hosting on 83 Productions Dedicated Sever
  • *Any additional credits needed over 40 per month will be charged at $25 per credit.*